Lead Management Services

Over the years Etsell has employed IT professionals to build our unique one-of-a-kind software that encompasses all aspects of a marketing campaign. It is specifically designed for Shrine marketing but can be customized to work with any marketing campaign. Running a successful fundraising or sales campaign requires data control and analytics. Etsell’s database management system is extensive and is the culmination of many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in development. It is proprietary and allows us to scrub, purge, append, amend and analyze many forms of data. Our program cannot be bought off the shelf so is unique and is the most comprehensive software available.

Database Customization Analytical Reporting Exclusive to Customer

Etsell maintains its own network and hardware and controls every aspect of our business. This ensures that proprietary information is kept secure and allows us to make changes on-the-fly if necessary. Etsell has never and will never sell, share or distribute any data collected while under contract with a client. The data for your campaign will only be used for your campaign.

We generate residual and referral sales every year with benchmarks for upselling. Data is used exclusively for one fundraising campaign in one particular market under contract keeping the individual database pristine and proprietary for maximum effectiveness. Etsell’s database management system is exclusive, and Etsell commits to never share, sell or distribute the market data to any other marketer or use for any other campaign.

We have designed and maintain proprietary software for the exclusive use in managing the fundraising campaigns for our clients. Our managers have an average service time of 25 years of experience. We emphasize data integrity with all lists we maintain for our clients. We offer high level database management services to other companies.